A Brief Introduction

Hello! I am very excited to have a website and Facebook page up and running. I hope this makes me more accessible for those wishing to take a few more steps toward better mental health and a more ideal lifestyle.

I have worked in a range of fields, including worker’s compensation where I was supporting people who were adjusting to injury or suffering from workplace trauma; providing short-term intervention through workplace employee assistance programs (EAP); and completing assessments and providing guidance for supporting people with learning difficulties. But enough of the resumé spiel, what this means for you is that I have developed a variety of skills for managing pretty much anything that gets thrown my way.

The therapeutic techniques I use in my counselling sessions have all been used in research and proven to be beneficial for reducing symptoms of mental health disorders. What’s more, throughout my years providing psychological therapies, I have successfully worked with a vast number of people, from those reporting very severe emotional distress, and those who have experienced persistent mental health concerns, through to others reporting less concerns. For some people, reading this might be the first step they are taking in seeking psychological intervention, for others, it might just be the next step. Wherever you are in your search for healthy mental wellbeing, I’m positive that I will be able to help.

I’m passionate about providing people with the tools to manage feelings that are uncomfortable, with the aim of making life’s difficulties feel less troublesome. So, if I seem like the right person to assist you, please get in touch.

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